Corporate documents

Equality and diversity

Gender pay gap report 2023

Executive pay

In compliance with the Academy Trust Handbook, the following tables summarise the
number of employees whose benefits exceed 拢100k per annum, in bandings of 拢10k, for the last two financial years. Benefits for this purpose include salary, employers鈥 pension contributions, other taxable benefits and termination payments.

Year ending 31 August 2023

Band (gross pay)Number of employees
拢100,001 to 拢110,0009
拢110,001 to 拢120,0003
拢120,001 to 拢130,0001
拢130,001 to 拢140,0000
拢140,001 to 拢150,0001
拢150,001 to 拢160,0002
拢160,001 to 拢170,0000
拢170,001 to 拢180,0001

Apprenticeship scheme

Apprenticeship Levy report 2022-23

Financial accounts